My annual list of the ten best stocking gifts for writers is up! This year, my favorite is #4:

Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. This is serious gift giving gold for a writer. In the 1970s, Brian Eno (of music and crossword puzzle fame), created a deck of creative prompts, many of them bizarre and unclear, and many of them absolutely perfect for changing up a character or a plot. When I’m stuck, I turn to them. My favorite is: State the problem in words as simply as possible.You can get your own deck from Eno himself. Fair warning, at £30, this is a little more expensive than your average stocking gift, but I swear your writer will love it.

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Official H Train Hoodie

The “H” is the route designation given to the special subway shuttle set up in late November to provide some subway service on the Rockaway Peninsula, which had been without subway service since Sandy struck in October. The “H” designation has not been used since 1994 when it was last used for the Rockaway Park Shuttle, which operates between Rockaway Park and Broad Channel.

All proceeds go to the to The Graybeards Rockaway Relief efforts.

A unique gift idea from my other half and Word Brooklyn


We all have that lady in our lives — the one who secretly (or proudly!) reads romances. She’s got them in her purse, in her glove compartment, shoved under the couch, in the bathroom for heaven’s sake! And, if we don’t know that lady, we sure know someone who has read Fifty Shades (all three Fifty Shades!) this year…and loved it.

Give that lady just what she wants (not like that—mind out of the gutter, perv) with a subscription to the WORDs of Love Romance of the Month Club curated by yours truly! I’ll choose six fabulous romances each month (both new and best of the best), and your romance friend will receive the one best suited to her reading tastes in the mail, with goodies from publishers, and a bonus (signed!) copy of my next book, One Good Earl Deserves a Lover!

At $60 for six months and seven books, the romance club is run by WORD Bookstore—an awesome local indie bookstore in Brooklyn, NY—and includes shipping, access to an online book club chat room, and regular monthly recommendations and romance news from me. 

(Source: sarahmaclean)

Awesome arty books no one expects to receive as gifts: 

Ana Voog: Dreaming On Stage

A self-published collection of the pioneering Voog’s words and images. 
(Read my interview with the book’s editor.)  

Thee Psychick Bible

A “manual on practical magick” from cultural engineer Genesis P-Orridge. 

Ani DiFranco: Verses

A collection of words from one of the few living songwriters worth reading. 

Brion Gysin: Tuning in to the Multimedia Age

An introduction to a highly influential and tragically unknown artist.