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  • Politifact is missing the point here. I know this because I read the full transcript and even corrected some transcription errors when I quoted it last week:

    "So if you want to get contraception that you maybe have had for your whole life as an adult woman in Ohio, welcome to your mandatory vaginal probe at the insistence of the state, even just to keep your IUD.

    Seriously? Actually nobody knows if that is what they really mean. It never really got talked through or explained all that well because it was never debated. They just added this stuff. They never talked about it. They passed it and threw it to John Kasich. Have a nice weekend, sir, your call. You can decide on each of these as an individual line in the budget that you must okay line by line. ”

    It’s so odd that I came across both this tweet and the original transcript because I don’t keep track of what Maddow says or does at all. 

    "Pants on Fire!" is used to brand people as liars and it’s not appropriate here. They are right to call attention to the misinformation, but wrong to suggest Maddow is the one spreading it.