Occasional io contributor Liel Leibovitz defends Adam Sandler’s “Hallelujah” in Tablet Magazine:

Think of all the times you’ve heard “Hallelujah” performed on televised singing competitions, or seen it pop up in animated movies, or abused in third-rate superhero film sex scenes. Unlike Sandler’s clearly self-aware romp, these repeated violations of Cohen’s work of genius are committed in earnest and in good faith, which make them unspeakably offensive. It’s one thing to jump on stage with the intention of slaughtering a sacred cow; it’s quite another to think you’re petting it tenderly and somehow discover a bloody knife in your hand.

I agree. I loved Sandler’s rendition. It delivered sincerity via silliness. Not everyone can do that. Sandler has been doing it for 20 years. And if that wasn’t enough, he brought along goofball Paul Schaefer.