1. Aaron Sorkin says Steve Jobs biopic will have only three scenes

    The script Aaron Sorkin is crafting for a film about Steve Jobs will be comprised of just three scenes, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter said Thursday.

    The scenes will all take place backstage before three of Jobs’ most important product launches: the original Macintosh; NeXT, which was the start-up Jobs created after leaving Apple; and the iPod.

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      Y’know, the three-scene idea is actually a pretty interesting way to breathe life into a really tired biopic formula....
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      *groan* Oh boy, super stoked for a smug movie about smugness.
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      This sounds horribly talkative and esoteric and self-righteous and full of smartassery and dammit I may actually go see...
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    10. notexactly said: I hated Studio 60. All I remember was that house that was also on America’s Next Top Model and that Ellen DeGeneres ad from that show.
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      Zzzzzzzzz … suddenly the Ashton Kutcher-starring Steve Jobs movie is beginning to sound a lot more interesting. Sorkin...
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