Bill Cosby, Life and Death

During the interview, I got another call. It’s really bad form to interrupt an interview with anyone, let alone a big-time star who is giving you his time and undivided attention. However, this call was from a hospice worker coming to tend to my wife. I explained to Cosby that my wife’s “health-care worker” was on the line and I had to take the call. He graciously understood.

When I returned, he asked again how long I had been married. I replied “44 years.” He exclaimed, “I have to talk to that woman. Put her on the phone,” he commanded.

I dutifully brought the phone to Carole’s bed and put it on speaker next to her ear. Cosby told her that after speaking with me for about an hour, he realized she must be a saint to have stayed married to me for such a long time. He joked with her saying nice comforting things.

He ended by politely asking if she would be able to come see his show the following week. She expressed her disappointment and said no. He, too, seemed disappointed. [Read on]

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