The Jennishow Archive

Long before vlogs/web series/etc. had a name, Jennifer Ringley of Jennicam fame had a show. The Wayback Machine shows that these episodes are roughly 15 years old.

Some of these are really only significant for their historical value. Others are genuinely interesting. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which are which.

Original RealMedia Files:

Converted h.264 Files:

Six years ago, I rescued these videos from extinction via my old blog. Now I’m rescuing them from the ruins of that same old blog. This post is a work in progress.

UPDATE: Fixing some broken links. Stay tuned. 

UPDATE #2: Fixed broken links. Changed host.

UPDATE #3: Added h.264 versions.


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    Wow. I remember hearing about these in ‘04 when the NYC videoblogging stuff started happening, but I’ve never seen them....
  5. brianvan said: the RealMedia format is a showstopper. It’s like that NASA problem, we don’t even have computers capable of reading the stored data anymore. (VLC needs a RM plugin or something)
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