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  • I know almost nothing about Ms. Giffords, but I’m trying to learn.

    According to On The Issues:

    • She’s strongly pro-choice.
    • She favors requiring the hiring of women & minorities.
    • She strongly favors same-sex domestic partnership benefits.
    • She opposes teacher-led prayer in public schools.
    • She’s neutral on the death penalty.
    • She strongly opposes mandatory Three Strikes sentencing laws.
    • She supports the absolute right to gun ownership.
    • She strongly favors more federal funding for health coverage.
    • She’s neutral on privatizing social security.
    • She opposes school vouchers.
    • She strongly favors replacing coal & oil with alternatives.
    • She strongly supports the drug war.
    • She opposes allowing churches to provide welfare services.
    • She favors making taxes more progressive.
    • She strongly opposes allowing illegal immigrants to earn citizenship.
    • She opposes expanding free trade.
    • She strongly opposes the expansion of the armed forces.
    • She strongly favors strict limits on campaign funds.
    • She strongly opposes the Patriot Act.
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      She sounds like someone I’d want to be my representative.
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      Model Scripps woman
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      Love her, even I don’t agree with her on everything. She seems like the only sane woman in congress. Geet well soon, ms....
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      i agree with her 99%.
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      i’m in the same boat as stfuconservatives. don’t agree with her 100%, but damn, she’s a woman that i could aspire to be...
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