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I was taking the subway from work to a hotel for some interviews (because parking in Hollywood can go fuck itself). But I’d missed the train I was aiming for, so I sat on a bench and hunched over my notebook to work on my questions.

Well, not really a bench — LA subway stations have these long…

"One time, after I hosted the MTV Movie Awards, Jack Nicholson sent me flowers and I kept the card. I’d made a joke about him. He was in the audience and I said, “Oh my God, Jack Nicholson, you’ve been in every one of my favorite actresses!” And he sent me a card."
- Sarah Silverman answers our 11 questions (via pablolf)

(via pablolf)

Anonymous asked:

If Biden doesn't win the 2016 Presidential nomination, is there any chance of him going back to the Senate? If not from Delaware maybe another state could adopt him for the experience and clout he brings?

Worship The Glitch Answer:


I could absolutely see Vice President Biden running for the Senate again after leaving the Vice Presidency. Biden LOVES the Senate, and he doesn’t seem like a guy who is just going to retire. He is beloved in Delaware, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Delaware’s Senators stepped aside so that Biden could reclaim his seat.

I’d be very happy with Biden winning the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016, but I know that it isn’t going to happen. Regaining his Senate seat would be a great consolation prize.